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VELCOIN® Fasteners Hook 88 - 172 Adhesive, 7/8" Black, 192339


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VELCOIN® Fasteners have a rounded shape that prevents lifted edges and easy peel from release liner. There are a variety of backings available including pressure sensitive rubber-based and acrylic adhesives or heat sealable and solvent activated coatings. Hook and loop components are packaged separately and in multiple roll sizes to accommodate your specific requirements.

VELCRO® Brand Hook side Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives offer up to 225°F short-term heat resistance as well as good shear strength and adhesion to most metal and medium/high surface energy plastics.

VELCRO® Brand Adhesive 72 is:
1. Formulated for high temperature performance and superior bond strength.
2. Moderate tack - medium set up.
3. Full bond strength in 24 hours.
4. Temperature operating range -20°F to 225°F.

VELCRO® Brand Hook 88:
1. Base material: Nylon
2. Standard widths (inches): 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 1, 1-1/2, 2, 4, 6
3. Standard put-ups: 25 yd rolls, 50 yd rolls
4. Suggested mating component: Loop 1000

Main applications:
Apparel, cable management, panels, orthopedic braces, seat trim, aviation, furnishing, straps.

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