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TEXACRO® Brand Loop 71- Standard Back, 3/4" White, 211069


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TEXACRO® Brand fasteners are durable, cost-effective, woven nylon hook and loop closure systems designed for high cycle life. Both versatile and economical, TEXACRO® Brand fasteners can be sewn to fabrics or applied to rigid substrates with factory applied pressure sensitive adhesive.

Description: TEXACRO® Brand Sew On - Loop 71 - 0199:

1. Average Shear: 13.0 psi

2. Average Peel: 1.3 piw

3. Tension: 6.0 psi

4. Standard Widths: 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1-1.2", 2", 4"

5. Put-up: 50 yard roll

6. Mating Component: Hook 70 - 0199

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