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VELCRO® Brand Loop 3610 - Standard Back, 3/4" Black, 181214


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VELCRO® Brand Sew-On Hook and Loop offers convenient, long-lasting closures for clothing, accessories and anything else you can imagine. Hand or machine stitch around edge of the tape and backstitch to secure. Easy to sew, Standard back VELCRO® Brand Hook offers an alternative to snaps, buttons, zippers, hooks & eyes. 100% Made in the USA from woven nylon. Washable, good for thousands of cycles. This is the brand that has set the standard for consistent quality. Available in colors too!

VELCRO® Brand Loop 3610:

1. Base material: Nylon

2. Standard colors: Black, White, Beige

3. Standard widths (inches): Up to 50

4. Standard put-ups: 50 yd rolls, 100 yd rolls

5. Suggested mating component: Hook 845

Main applications:

Apparel, orthopedic braces, respiratory headgear, materials handling, transportation interiors, moulding, cleaning products

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